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Never Break Your Site Again

Making live edits, updates and additions to your website can cost you business. At WP Staged we update your website using a secure Staging environment before pushing your changes live.

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Managed WordPress Hosting from the UK

We keep your site secure, up to date and continuously improving without affecting your customer experience.

Unlimited website edits

Edit anything you want on a staged, safe environment

New functionality

We'll bolt on new functionality using plugins and custom code.

Debugging & fixing

We'll fix anything that breaks

Weekly updates

We safely update your WordPress plugins, theme and core

Staging management

We will manage your Staging environment and transfer all work to live only once it's been safely signed off

Speed optimisation

We'll turn your slow website into a lightning quick one


What is Staging?

A wordpress Staging environment is a duplicate of your site on a hidden sub domain.

How does Staging work?

Website edits, updates and editions are carried out on your Staging environment then ‘pushed’ to the live site once they have been tested.

What's the benefit of using Staging?

This reduces the risk of your live website breaking, dropping or becoming unusable. If you generate leads from your website, or sell online, if your live website breaks due to any tweaking this costs you money.

How does the WP Staged service work?

Our maintenance service is provided on month by month basis agreed at the outset of any project.

What does new functionality mean?

Any new features that involve custom code or new plugins introduced to your website. New features are covered in our WP Staged maintenance plans, new websites are not.

What does unlimited edits mean?

It means unlimited edits, within reason. We can help you edit, add and revise your website as much as you like, but please bear in mind that we have other customers and we may not be as quick as having an inhouse developer on payroll.

How We Are Different

Custom development

Need new features or functions added to your website? No problem. This is something no other provider offers.


All of our work is carried out on a Staging copy of your website that we will setup for you, free of charge.

Automated daily backups

We take our work seriously, so we’ll backup the files and database of your live website and Staging every single day. For high traffic websites, we also offer hourly backups.

Happy Customers

"I would happily recommend WP Staged to any business owner looking for a professional website / SEO service - the finished site has exceeded my expectations at a competitive figure - great job guys."

Simon Steward
Rating: 5

"Easy to work with and helped build exactly what I needed. Absolutely recommend!"

Dominic Gates
Rating: 5

"James has an excellent business model, which really suits small businesses like mine. He spotted something wrong on my website, and had it fixed within hours. Can't ask for more!"

Martyn Richards
Rating: 5